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Rocks and Minerals Unit Study

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Rocks and Minerals Roundup of Activities, Books, Resources, and Printables

Tori has always loved rocks. She has said for years that she wants to be a geologist when she grows up. We always look for ways to expose her to rocks and minerals when we travel – with fun field trips, museums, and activities.

I created this list of fun activities we have loved to use to learn about geology.

Geology Resources - Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones

My kids really love these monthly themed Calendar Connections with fun science and history facts. We chose rocks and minerals for August.

Calendar Connections Rocks and Minerals

Tori practiced her reading with this great rocks and minerals unit study from Currclick (link below)!

Reading about Rocks and Minerals

Tori loved seeing this huge crystal at Dorothy’s Glass Hut.

Big Crystal

All my kids loved Mummelsee and the rocky Mermaid statue.

Mummelsee Mermaid

We loved the pattern on this eroding rock at Mummelsee.

Eroding Rock at Mummelsee

Pick and Choose from these Amazing Rocks and Minerals Resources!

Projects and Crafts:

  • Have fun with this edible rock project.
  • Make crystals.
  • Rock doodles project
  • Get crafty and make a pet rock! Be creative. Paint it, glue on googly eyes, and give it hair!
  • Celebrate Collect Rocks Day on September 16!
  • Go on a nature walk and collect pretty and intersting rocks to study. Look them up online or in a guide book. Discuss texture, color, class. My kids are obsessed with rocks and collect them wherever we go – cheap souvenirs! (Make sure it’s legal to take rocks wherever you are! Some places don’t like it.)


Notebooking and Printables:

Unit Studies and Learning Links:

Fun Field Trips Around the World:

See a list of Teacher Resources in the USA

Fun field trip ideas for rock hounds: museums, mines, archeological sites and digs, gold panning, canyons, gorges, waterfalls, rivers, creeks.


West and Southwest








What are your favorite tools to study geology?

More fun resources on my Geology Pinterest board:

Follow Jennifer’s board Geology on Pinterest.


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Steinkaulenberg Gemstone Mine Field Trip

This blog may contain affiliate links: disclosure. Please see my suggested resources.

Our Steinkaulenberg Gemstone Mine Field Trip

This gemstone mine is in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

The Geological Trail to the mine is lined with enormous rocks, all labeled with little signs.

Tori was ecstatic at the shapes, textures, and colors!

My Geologist

Entrances to the mine tunnels have signs and pretty gates.

stollen means tunnel.

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of miners.

Saint Barbara Stollen

Rails and sluices were still visible on some tunnels.

Mine Railway

You can see how THRILLED Tori is to go down into the gemstone mine here.

We had audio guides since the tour is in German. Hardhats were to protect us from the low ceilings.


The 5 types of stone in Steinkaulenberg Mine: Agate, Amethyst,  Crystal Mountain, Smoky Quartz, and Jasper.

Statues of St. Barbara hung from the ceiling and were placed on shelves.

We saw lots of beautiful geodes and crystal bubbles in the rock.

Steinkaulenberg Mine

There was a lovely underground lake too!

Underground Lake

Tori loved the rock tumbler, and all the tools and polished gems at the end of the tour!

Rock Tumbler

Tori and the other kids had so much fun in the mine!

A very educational and fun family field trip.

I bought each of the kids a little carved, polished gemstone critter from the giftshop for about €5.00 each.

Tori got a turtle. Katie chose a frog. Alex wanted a fox.

The giftshop also has geodes, unfinished and polished stones, jewelry, and snacks.

See more of the Germany Gemstone Route.

Admission prices:

  • Adults (individuals) €6.00
  • Children aged 6-16 €4.50
  • Children under 6 years in groups €3.00
  • FREE for children under 6 years

Edelsteincamp & mining fields (we didn’t do this)

  • Adults and adolescents from 16 years € 10.00
  • Children and adolescents up to 16 years € 7.00

Take it Home with Geology Learning Tools!

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