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Muffin Tin Meals

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When my kids were younger, we had fun, simple, colorful, and healthy lunches in muffin tins.
muffin tin meal.jpg muffin tin meals

I’ve even prepared a mini cheese and chocolate fondue buffet!


I would often create themes around holidays or special events.

Butterfly Themed LunchValentine Lunch
Sometimes, divided trays are easier than muffin tins.
Lunch Tray Divided Plate
We like the heart-shaped muffin tins.
Heart Muffin Tin Meal Hearts
The girls loved this PBJ buffet.
PBJ Buffet
More divided plate lunches with leftovers.
Muffin Tin Meals MondayMuffin Tin Monday
I also like individual muffin holders for a fun shaped meal.

Little Brother got old enough to join in the fun!
Shapes Muffin Tin Meal Toddler Muffin Tin Meal
I used fun cocktails sticks for lunch kebabs.
Shamrock Muffin Tin MealStar Muffin Tin Meal

Muffin tins are a great way to introduce and serve a variety of foods in small amounts.

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