Why Young Living oils?

I want to educate you a bit about those cheaper, store-bought oils. Young Living really is the best essential oil company out there and here’s why!


These companies love to throw around words about sustainability and agriculture and ecology. Organic is their favorite word. These words all mean different things to different people. And they don’t necessarily determine the quality of the essential oils.

You can often find these companies at Whole Foods or other specialty, vitamin, and natural food stores. There will be no knowledgeable distributor around to help you on your health journey, answer questions, or point you to reliable research. Are you going to trust some teenage store clerk or fellow shopper?

And some of these small companies only have a few citrus oils, peppermint, and lavender. I wouldn’t trust those products for house cleaners. Wouldn’t you rather have the hundreds of essential oils and blends and supplements from Young Living?

These smaller companies’ “oils” are most often labeled as “aromatherapy.”

Aromatherapy is a broad term.

The dictionary defines aromatherapy as “the use of fragrances to affect or alter a person’s mood or behavior.” If you Google it, sure, all these little companies come up. Young Living is way down the list because the SEO term “essential oils” is ranked differently than “aromatherapy.”

And that’s all those products are. They’re fragrance. They’re not therapeutic (benefiting health) or GRAS (a relative term since most of what grocery stores sell as food is poison).  

The labels say “Do not ingest. Do not use on children or pets.” It’s a general legal warning that they have to have on the label because of the FDA.

“YL has its own standard, higher than the industry, of what are acceptable levels for each oil, if an oil does not meet or exceed those standards than it is rejected.  About 80% of oils sent to YL are rejected and the supplier will then go and sell them to another company in the marketplace.  If an oil that YL produces does not meet its standards that oil is dumped.  How many other suppliers would do the same?” ~Young Living Life

These oils from stores are just perfume grade. Many fearful people who claim they’re allergic to essential oils usually had a breakout from these cheap store-bought ones and their allergy was more likely becuase of a carrier oil, synthetic, toxin, or impurity in those, or possibly a reaction that oil had with some other synthetic product in their household cleaners or clothing or food.

Most therapeutic essential oils won’t cause allergic reactions.

Daniel Pénoël: “I’d rather have a single drop of genuine essential oil than a 55-gallon drum of junk product.”

David Stewart: “The vast majority of essential oils (over 95%) are produced for flavor and fragrance and do not fulfill therapeutic standards” (The Chemisty of Essential Oils Made Simple p. 9).

Most of us are so inundated with chemical odors that we can’t possibly make good medical decisions and wise choices based on our sense of smell alone.

I think many other company’s oils smell like perfume and candy. Some Young Living oils do not smell good at all to some people. Perhaps your body is too accustomed to synthetics to know any better. But saying, “smell the difference” isn’t educating or helping anybody. That cookie store at the mall smells good, but it’s not good for you!

Air fresheners and essential oils are not the same thing. Be aware.

Red more about Therapeutic Grade vs. Perfume Grade oils.

Many people complain to me that Young Living essential oils cost too much. I do get it. Money is tight. I understand.

You don’t want to pay for quality? I have friends who ask why my family is so healthy and happy. Mostly because of Young Living products and whole foods. It’s our lifestyle. Too many people are just not ready for a lifestyle change. Prevention is easier than treatment. You can apply oils all you want and still eat junk, never exercise, take allopathic medicines. They’re not miracles that are going to change your life like magic with no effort on your part.

I have issues buying from companies without integrity. No matter what they sell and whatever quality they claim. If you have good people and a good product, then that should stand alone.

What else is in that bottle?

  1. carrier oils…these are sometimes included so they’re more liquid. but watch out for nut oils if you have allergies!
  2. synthetics…often additives are included and that’s why these are so cheap!
  3. plant residue…pieces of that plant that doesn’t benefit the oil…impurities
  4. pesticides and toxins…how do these companies know whatall is sprayed on these farms and the contaminants in the soil and environment or on the plants or equipment?

Young Living is the leading essential oils company. Gary Young has a vision and formed AIRASE for “promoting scientific validation of essential oils for their global standardization for home, health care, and medical uses.”

We set the standard. All others are copycats and icky air fresheners.

I love the statements from the Young Living website.


Are you convinced?

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  1. says

    You are so right — you can’t judge an oil by the smell test 100% of the time. Some oils that claim to be therapeutic smell soooo sweet and are really strong in odor — that is because the entire distillation — which isn’t always a good thing! Additionally, when you don’t like the smell of a therapeutic grade essential oil it is a strong indication that your body needs it to heal. Excellent article!!!

    • says

      Thanks! It seems to fill a need with so many questions, but I didn’t want to begin a war. I know more people who use doTERRA than YLEO and they’re asking questions! Praise!

  2. says

    I’d admire your passion in your post!

    But to be honest, I find your post lacking, and in some instances, misleading. Personally, I think you are highly misinformed.

    As a professional Aromatherapist (and someone who has done his research and own experiments), I have come across YoungLiving oils that claimed to be pure, yet show being heavily diluted with carrier oils.

    Considering the fact the Mr. Gary Young is by no means a qualified medial doctor (his ‘Dr.’ title is essentially purchased) as well as his shady past, I have a hard time believing many of his claims. Also, his ethics and practices are dangerously questionable. Many of the methods of use he suggests for EO’s can actually be harmful if done incorrectly, and many of the YL reps I have met have the bare minimum information required.

    On another note, “Mountain Rose Herbs” is not far off with their warnings. Essential oils are highly complex chemical compounds, and MANY of their properties and components are still not fully understood. Essentials oils are naturally occurring chemicals/medicine, and should be treated as such with the utmost respect. They are by no means ‘toys’.

    OH! And doTerra and Be Young are actually a type of ‘branch off’ companies from YL. Just so you know =)

    Be well and much love! <3

    • says

      yes, I figured that doTERRA and Be Young branched off of Young Living. It makes sense. I have used and know many who use Young Living products quite safely. Often, issues arise when mixing essential oils with OTC products. The results of Young Living speak. Thank you for commenting with your views.


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