Five Minute Friday: Quiet

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The silent snowflakes fall


All other sounds fade to nothing

I no longer really hear the iPad games dinging and beeping or the whining children or the cats romping like miniature horses across the living room

As I listen

I hear You, Lord

I hear Your whisper to me in Nature

I see You in the majesty of the pure white snowfall

It covers everything

Just like Your blood covers my sins

Washes everything clean

Good as new

I think You for the cleansing

I will answer You

As I put everything else aside today

To capture memories

Be intentional

To go sledding with my precious children.

It is no longer quiet

As we bundle up

In mittens, boots, coats, hats, snowpants

A sea of pink (and red for Alex) against the whiteness

Brace against the chill air

and the feathery snowcone pillows that fall on our hair and faces

I go



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  1. says

    Loved your quiet snowy 5 minutes.
    Your heart really came through.
    Wish we had some of the white stuff.
    And so glad I stumbled upon 5 min friday.

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